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Aerovent Jet exceeds the standard for private and business jet services. Based in USA, we pride ourselves on offering a superior travel experience with the most competitive price.

Aerovent 公务航空,立足北美,覆盖全球,为您提供卓越的私人飞机出行体验和最具竞争力的价格。

Why Choose a
Private Jet Charter?

Leave when you want to.

Commercial flights stick to a set schedule that is too often delayed by outside variables. The most common cause of a delayed flight isn’t weather – it’s a late-arriving aircraft. When you fly private, you choose a departure time that is most convenient for your schedule, not the airline’s.

Have the entire aircraft to yourself

Imagine if the only passengers on board your next flight were those you invited. On a private flight, you can hold confidential meetings in flight, work without interruptions, or spend time with your friends and family.

Enjoy private lounges and terminals

No matter how luxurious the first class cabin may be, the only way to get there is by braving the chaos and lengthy queues at the airport. But if you’re flying private, you can have your chauffeur drive you directly to the tarmac. Some private terminals even offer a luxurious private lounge where you can relax while you wait for your friends to arrive.

Premium, High Class Jets Fleet

Since 2019, Our flights have supported business, politics and entertainment, medical evacuations, tourism, commerce, and hundreds of team supporters.

Gulfstream G450
Embraer 175
Airbus A318
Challenger 604
Boeing 767-200
Bombardier Jet 200
Boeing 767-300F

Meet The Team

Aerovent JET is led by CEO Mason Liang and Operation Commander William Thompson.

The Executives are supported by the core service teams: Aircraft Team, Charter Sales Team, Costumer Care Team, and the Field Support Team.

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